About Us

K9 Kulture operates as a day care facility meant for canines. Our service statement is so that our customers can have peace of mind when they are at work or play. K9 Kulture also help to rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues. A typical day at Kampus would entail starting the day off with breakfast served to the dogs. During which, we instil a routine called the ‘feeding ritual’, which will require the dogs to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ before the dogs are allowed to eat.

While the boarding dogs are enjoying the first meal of the day, customers will be streaming in with their furkids to register them for the day’s programme. They are soon led to the pen area where a tick check is conducted to ensure that parasites introduced into Kampus will be removed as soon as possible. When the dogs have been checked, they will be allowed to go into the outdoor play area where they are brought out for Pack Power Walks. Each handler will bring 6-8 dogs out for a 2-kilometre walk for an intense workout that will help release any pent-up energy in the dogs. Once swimming is done, the dogs are released into the pool batches by batches to wade around and of course, their favourite ball games.


Once the exercises for all the dogs have been completed, they are led back into the pen area to be blown dry and tick-checked. The dogs will use this time to take a short nap before the afternoon activities begin. After midday, the handlers will bring the dogs out for agility and obedience training. The afternoon may be the time when the team will prepare for major events such as our year end Christmas Party, where the daycare canine talents rehearse and present a Christmas skit (2009 was the Story of the 3 Wise Men Video, 2010 was Moses and the Red Sea Video) for the audience, who are the owners and customers.The school bus will be waiting for their activities to end before loading the dogs. These dogs have been specially requested by their owners to be sent back by the school bus. After the respective dogs have been loaded up, dinner will then be served to the dogs boarding for that night.


When dusk approaches, the owners of their furkids will pick them up to go home. The dogs will usually be exhilarated to see their owners, similar to how young children behave when they see their parents show up at their kindergarten. Once all the dogs, except those boarding, have gone home, it will be time for the boarding dogs to move to the ‘dogmitory’ for a good night’s sleep to gear up for the following day’s activities. K9 Kulture also serves the dog community by having a café facility that welcomes owners and their furkids of all breeds, shapes and sizes. K9 Kafe serves human food, where the Doggie Diner prepares mouth-watering treats for canines. K9 Kafe also holds dog-friendly parties for the public.




Josiah Gan

Owner and founder of K9 Kulture, former business process engineer who quits his job to pursue this passion, inspired by his own dogs, especially Storm, a Border Collie who were very close to him.

The Customers


Different personality and priorities in their emphasis on how their dogs should be looked after in the daycare can be quite interesting

Blue Storm


Blue Storm is a Border Collie with excellent spirit & drive. He has won many accolades including championships in Agility & Obedience at the National level and was the inspiration & driving force behind K9 Kulture. He was born on 3rd October  2000 .

The K9 Ops Team


Mix of different character, ambition and background; from Singaporean to foreign nationalities, polytechnic and universities graduates / undergraduates, lower educated workers, all who are passionate for dogs. Creating varieties of interaction dynamics. All are treated as family

The Daycare Dogs


Probably the most interesting of the mix, there are different personalities and character in each of them, and some have some interesting background story and some sad. For example, recently, a German Pointer who is extremely hyper in daycare, jumped off a 3-storey building at home and still lives to join daycare after a week of recuperation.